Miles of Trevelyan Films

I have the absolute pleasure of introducing Miles not only as a stunning videographer but also a friend.  Whilst our friendship is certainly not a good enough reason to book him what it does mean is that we work seamlessly together, are uncompetitive and in fact support each other's artistic recording of your wedding.  We can both swap anecdotes about working with individuals who block shots or who work selfishly and fail to put you the client before their ego or portfolio.  That's not us.  Miles and I are a team.  We enjoy working together so much that we are happy to offer a discount on your booking if you choose to have both videography and photography.  

Have a look at his work...

Luc Amaden

I met Luc at a wedding and immediately warmed to his calm, contemplative style. Although drawn to the key parts of a wedding he's also  looking for the natural moments that make a wedding unique.  Luc works subtly, carrying high-quality yet light weight equipment, he's able to insert himself into an event without drawing attention to the fact he has a camera; I think this is an essential way to capture weddings as guests don't want to feel they are on a film set and because of that you'll receive a beautiful retelling of your day.

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