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I've had the pleasure of photographing some truly original weddings (e.g. whole weekend festival style when I've stayed the night, multi-day Indian weddings and tiny elopement style weddings with just two guests), therefore offer a bespoke service in order that I can provide you the very best coverage of your wedding even if you only need me for a few hours.  If you've got a particular budget in mind- I can quickly tell you what I can do for you.

Platinum £1500 - Extended Coverage

Choose this option if you'd like me there for every part of the preparations plus you and your friends will be dancing late into the evening - you love those drunken friends on the dance floor shots in my portfolio- after spending all day with you and your guests I'll be on the dance floor with you, wide angled lens capturing the antics.  

I will be there from as early as you need me until approximately 11pm. Not only does this mean I capture the fun dancing shots of you and your friends, I'll start my day with bridal preparations, the lads getting ready and get to tell every detail of your day. I know a lot of photographers like to leave shortly after the first dance, I'd much much prefer to stay late and capture your whole story- DJs are often amazed, one said recently “I’ve never met a photographer that stays this long - I wish I’d booked you for my wedding”.   

You'll receive coverage of your wedding from as early as you need me on the day through into the evening. I'll be there as late as you need me, recording the last bright embers of your day. I'll be there for all the moments that matter, the tables being set, the flowers being arranged, stylish detail photographs of the wedding rings, the tying of your dress, the best man polishing the grooms shoes (yes he's meant to do that), detail photographs of the tables, your dress, the flowers, your cake, all the individual parts. We'll plan some time to take some truly artistic, high fashion dramatic photographs that you'll utterly love and want on your wall.

I will tell your story and I will love doing it.

Titanium £1350  - Late start, Late Finish

Choose this option if you love the dance floor photos but aren't as interested in the preparation/getting ready images.  

I will be there to capture images of the venue and the final stages of your preparation: most importantly the tying of your dress/the cufflinks on a shirt, the big reveal to a family member or friends.  This package is identical to Platinum, I simply start a little later in the day but don't worry: I stay LATE.

I will be bringing my GoPro camera, 360 camera and drone to your wedding*. We can use the GoPro to record your ceremony from the registrar's table, attach it to the groom, put it on your dog's collar, stick it on a selfie stick, ask a flower girl or pageboy to go around interviewing your guests and even strap it to a bottle of whisky in the evening and have it passed around. Perhaps we can try some 360degree bullet-time confetti shots?  What ideas have you got?

I will use the drone to take stunning videos to contextualise your wedding.  Perhaps starting off looking at the two of you before flying up and off over fields or the sea or photographs of the two of you dancing from above.  I'm excited and inspired by the possibilities of this new tech.

*platinum and titanium service: weather and venue permission permitting.

Gold £1250 - Whole Day

Choose this option if you'd rather let the embarrassment of the drunken night go unrecorded or you aren't expecting quite such a silly evening.

I will be there from as early as you need me until sometime after the first dance (don't worry, I absolutely don't clock watch and I don't pack up my cameras as soon as the dance finishes- I'm not that guy).

Silver £800 - 1/2 Day

Choose this option if you're having an elopement, small wedding or would prefer to have just the key parts of the day be recorded. 

I will be there for approximately half a day (6hrs)- let's discuss this and see what timeframe suits you.

For all packages

Ideally, we will meet or have a phone call after you contact me so that I can hear about your wedding, learn about the unique details of the day and most importantly so that we can get to know each other. We'll talk again, shortly before your wedding to go through things in fine detail for as long as we need; there's no hurry. 

I will deliver your story as a mixture of documentary and traditional images for you to cherish. You'll receive the highest quality photographs presented on a high quality USB drive with folders for colour and black and white images-if you can't wait for the post these will be available as an online gallery for you to share and download. Along with that you'll get hundreds of images developed in both colour and black and white- I don't put a limit to the number of photos I take, edit or deliver regardless of the package you choose.  Looking at recent weddings that number ranges from 350-600 fully edited colour with the same number in black and white; it depends upon the length of time I'm at your wedding, the number of guests, variety of locations/activities you all take part in.  I will give you as many high quality images as possible to perfectly tell the story of your day; that's my aim.

I'll always be available to help you choose shots for your printed album and recommend the ones for wall-art sized printing. I'll talk you through the various options: printing on acrylic, metal or art paper so that you can receive the very best printed materials. Prints are not included in my fee -I don't want to profit from these; building a book or ordering large prints is no longer a technically difficult task- many online print shops offer simple widgets so that you can manage this yourself. Weddings are expensive enough. 

Engagement / Pre Shoot

I'd really like the opportunity to meet and work with you prior to your wedding as we can go through some of the detail parts of posing that really help lift the look of your photos as well as provide you with some beautiful artwork.  The cost for this would depend where we travel for the shoot, but is free with Titanium/Platinum packages dependent upon location.

My job is to tell the story of your day, that's what I love doing; you don't get a better service if you pay more money, I just need to spend longer providing the service (both at your wedding and afterwards) and I usually need to bring along some different kit.  I understand that weddings and budgets are different sized.  Please contact me, so that we can create a package that suits your wedding, your lives and your budget.          I don't look at this as a job, it may be a business, but first and foremost it's a passion.

Booking.  How does it work?

1. You send me an enquiry - just include the date and venue/location in the first instance to check that I'm available for your date. (if you don't hear back please check your junk folder- I always reply).

2. We can arrange a phone call, video, WhatsApp or even a meeting so that I can learn more about your day.

3. We both complete a standard contract and there's a £100 deposit to pay.

4. I'll be available to chat whenever you need and I'll send you a questionnaire a couple off weeks before your wedding to clarify details (timeline and formal shots etc) and you can pay the balance.

5.  On the day: I arrive early, I tend to leave my cameras in their bag for a while whilst I chat to all your VIPs so that there's a relaxed feeling to the start of your day and I don't disturb the flow.

6.  At the end of your day, I'll come over and check you're happy for me to leave and after packing my car I'll say goodbye to you and your guests and thank them for "putting up with me" lol.

7.  I'll do my very best to get you a sneak preview of some briefly edited images that night/the next day.

8.  You'll get an online gallery (examples of this in "Recent Weddings") of a few edited images that tell the story of your day.

9.  The USB with hundreds of edited images arrives in the post a couple of weeks later.

10a. You leave me a lovely review (don't forget this bit!)

10b.  I'm here for you after your wedding, so if you want advice on printing or even lose the USB (yes it happens) then I'll be here for you.  Forever.

Final Notes:

I think you can hire a photographer on 3 different levels: 
1. As a commodity: solely based on price- the lowest price gets the job.

2. As a service: low quality photo albums and printing are included in the price.

3. As an experience.  This is what you get if you hire me, an artist.  It means that I blend into an event and record it from the inside rather than with the external eye of an observer who just hovers around. It means that I like making people happy by providing an experience above and beyond my promise. It means I understand the subtle nuances of body language/ eye contact and the artistry to capture your wedding. 

I love wedding photography and it will show not only in the final product but throughout your day.  I have the best job in the world.

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