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Which photographer do you choose? There are lots of us aren't there? It might be tempting to say you are going to choose "the best photographer", but what is "the best" ? It's like deciding who the best musician is; there isn't one.  We choose to listen to the ones who's lyrics speak to us, who's music best captures our mood or elevates us from it.  "The best artist"? I don't know, I have a list of artists I love, but of that list I don't know who is the best.  I suppose I chose them because I love their work.  I want to own some of it.  But I think a photographer is more than that.  I think you should be able to imagine yourself in their art.  And I think you should like your photographer,

I really really think you should like your photographer.  Our presence at your day becomes part of your day.  

And if we're any good, it'll be the best part of our day too.

Who do photographers ask to photograph their wedding? They ask their friends, but if you aren't as lucky as my wife and I then you can always send me a message and we can get chatting.  

Regards, Simon.


Simon’s technical skill coupled with his ability to put you at ease with his humour and relaxed nature guarantees he captures your wedding not as a hired professional but from inside your day as a friend might. If that friend was an award winning photographer.  

Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and more.


I've been a photographer since the days of film, the anxiety in unrolling a canister of film in a dark cellar settled by the joy of watching an image slowly appear on paper have been dwarfed by the artistic possibilities in the modern age.

Recording as digital negatives and styling them with post processing to have a timeless warmth is a time consuming but rewarding artistic pursuit and truly personalises your memories.

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