Which photographer do you choose?

Which photographer do you choose? There are lots of us aren't there? It might be tempting to say you are going to choose "the best photographer", but what is "the best" ? It's like deciding who the best musician is; there isn't one.  We choose to listen to the ones who's lyrics speak to us, who's music best captures our mood or elevates us from it.  "The best artist"? I don't know, I have a list of artists I love, but of that list I don't know who is the best.  I suppose I chose them because I love their work. I want to own some of it. But I think a photographer is more than that.  I think you should be able to imagine yourself in their art.  And I think you should like your photographer.  I really really think you should like your photographer.  Our presence at your day becomes part of your day, you'll not just love the photos, you'll love the experience itself.  I pride myself on that.

Kind regards, Simon.

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  • I've been a photographer forever, but had my own business since 2015.
  • Based in North Devon but regularly work throughout the South West and beyond.
  •  I am a proud user of Nikon's flagship cameras and professional lenses. 
  • I run a fully insured business and all bookings receive a contract but only require a small deposit.
  • Your images are backed-up and secure for years to come.
  • Featured on Bridebook and Hitched websites.
  • Contributor to Devon and Cornwall Wedding magazine.
  • Although my passion is wedding photography I am fortunate enough to photograph a wide spectrum of work including Glastonbury Festival, independent travel projects, circuses, hospitality, family portraits, architectural, art and live music.

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