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A full day’s wedding photography often ends with about 1000 high quality, developed and processed colour photographs.  I also process and develop a similar amount of black and white shots.  Black and white is often better during the reception to simplify the scene, you naturally concentrate on the subject of the photos (you and your guests)  rather than the often complicated background or lighting, but that is your choice so of course you get both colour and black and white wedding photographs from your day.  

I’m going to include a couple of colour and black and white shots in a separate blog so you can see what I mean.  

I’m never able to tell you how many shots you get as as you can imagine it depends upon the wedding.  Some weddings have guests quietly sat around drinking and reminiscing, others run out onto a sunny evening lawn or stay dancing until midnight.  

My job, as I see it, is to tell your story and naturally your story dictates the number of photos required to tell it.  But what do you do with 2000 photographs!? Don’t worry, I provide a folder of “simon’s picks” of both colour and black and white that I think tell your story in the most concise, thorough but elegant way.  I don’t think it’s right that I don’t provide you all the other photos though as you never know, sometimes a wedding is the last time you might see a friend or family member.

The following video is about 7 minutes long, the full version is nearly 7GB and has therefore been heavily reduced in quality by YouTube but what  hope it does is show you an example of some of the shots from Sarah and Simon’s wedding at Sandy Cove near Ilfracombe in Devon recently that best tell the story of their day.

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